Speaking References

Here are over 50 professional references Mike Byrnes has received from event organizers and industry executives from all across the United States.

Cambridge Investment Research & Integrated Succession
Mike Byrnes is the consummate knowledge base for what Financial Advisors should do to run an efficient business. From social media to business development to the empowered success you will achieve with Mike, he’s always worth your time. 

TD Ameritrade
While at TD Ameritrade, it was a great pleasure to partner with Mike. He worked with my team over the years speaking at over 25 regional events, delivering presentations and providing advice to increase the success of our RIAs. He always received wonderful feedback on his topics like growth, client referrals, strategic alliances, online marketing and PR. It was also impactful to have him speak numerous times at our National LINC conference and provide hands-on advice in our Business Consulting Lounge. It is always great to read Mike’s many articles published through the industry. He is clearly a practice management thought leader for financial advisors.

Morgan Stanley & Voya
Over the past 10 years I have hired Mike to speak at several client events. He is an energetic presenter keeping the audience engaged with relevant information and has always received outstanding feedback on our client surveys.
Mike has been a great partner and as a top industry thought leader has the capability to deliver on a wide range of topics.

Global Trend Events
Mike spoke at our Wealth Forum. He came highly recommended to us and was excellent to work with. Mike produced relevant topics to appeal to both Asset Managers and RIAs. Mike is an engaging speaker and conversationalist; we would recommend Mike to speak at any financial services meeting.

Financial Planning Association
Mike did a very good job at our FPA Knowledge Circle Business Success. He clearly offered valuable strategies to our attendees on how to grow their businesses. Mike’s speaking style is smooth and very easy to listen to. In addition, he is an impressive conversationalist. I highly recommend Mike for anyone who is looking for an excellent speaker.

TD Ameritrade
Mike has been a tremendous resource for my team over the years. We have worked together on multiple occasions in my region and he consistently delivers. Mike will always make you look good and bring high quality content to your current and future clients. He has expertise on a plethora of topics so when it’s planning time give Mike the nod, he won’t disappoint!

FPA of New England
Mike Byrnes is a powerhouse marketing resources! I’ve known Mike for more than a decade where he’s become a friend and a great resources for my firm and countless other financial advisors. Besides his professional work with advisors and their companies through his consulting company, Mike has been an outstanding resource for members of the Financial Planning Association, both through his guidance and resources on the FPA Coaches Corner and as a speaker at conferences and chapter events. I’ve had the good fortune to interview Mike numerous times on my public radio show and podcast for financial planners. With each occasion, I learn more ideas for how to better market my firm. Mike is a wealth of knowledge to help advisors take their practice to the next level. If not now, when would be a better time to engage his expertise to move your firm to its potential?

TD Ameritrade
Mike is a captivating speaker, whose content hits the mark. He is engaging, energetic and truly cares about his audience and doing good for the industry as a whole. We have hired Mike on multiple occasions for our largest and most strategic events and he delivers every time.

Mike is a fantastic speaker who has great knowledge and insight in the electronic marketing field. He recently gave a great presentation to our MA NAPFA Group. Anyone looking to grow their business would benefit from hearing Mike.

FPA of Central Virginia
Mike did a fantastic job speaking at our Virtual Chapter Meeting for FPA of Central Virginia. Mike’s insights were timely and very much appreciated.

Financial Planning Association
I have worked with Mike in the FPA Coaches Corner since 2018. His content is always useful and timely. He has been a speaker for FPA many times – at conferences, at local chapters and in numerous virtual events. He always brings his A game, providing excellent insights and advice along with outstanding practice management content. His style is approachable and conversational, and Mike truly cares about helping advisors grow.

FPA of Metro NY NexGen
We asked Mike to present at one of the Financial Planning Association of Metro NY ‘Secrets of Success’ Zoom calls. He exceeded our expectations by sharing creative actionable ideas to grow our businesses during the Coronavirus lock downs. We were impressed by the breadth and depth of marketing strategies and tactics. Mike is a versatile, dynamic, and entertaining speaker. The audience was fully engaged and we will surely ask him to present again.

Financial Planning Association of Metro New York
Mike provides solid advice on growth strategies for Financial Advisors and CFPs. Mike stays on top of industry trends for marketing and public relations, guiding advisors through changing times and methods. Smart and savvy, Mike’s thought leadership is a must for every advisor.

Financial Planning Association
Mike is an outstanding communicator with years of experience in helping financial planners and their businesses be better at marketing,public relations and other critical functions. I have had the pleasure of working with Mike in various capacities over the years and know his talents,knowledge and energy are needed in the financial service industry more than ever!

Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts
Mike gave a terrific presentation on Business Growth Strategies to the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts in November. He brought enthusiasm to the event and it was clear he was well prepared. The reviews from attendees were very positive.

TD Ameritrade 
Mike has presented in my region and the feedback on the surveys from the financial advisors were excellent. The comments from advisors was that the information was fresh, innovative, and could be applied immediately. One of the firms hired him to do business coaching after hearing his ideas. I enjoyed collaborating with Mike to put the event together and hope to do more meetings with him in 2018.

FPA Philadelphia Tri-State Area Chapter
Mike has spoke many times for the Financial Planning Association of Philadelphia and does a great job. I’m on the board in charge of hiring speakers and Mike was a pleasure to deal with. Spent time to discuss our needs and customize his presentation. Made my job much easier. Look forward to having him again.

John Hancock
I co-sponsored an event where Mike spoke on Social Media marketing/networking best practices. It went very well, clients seem to learn a lot and have many take away’s to bring back to their business.  I have even used some of the tips/tricks that I learned on LinkedIn to connect and prospect with others in the industry.  Mike’s event and knowledge that he brings in the ever changing social media space is worth the time.

Mike is a thoughtful and engaging speaker on topics related to practice management for elite tier financial advisors. He is easy to work with, delivers great content, and adds value to any conference.

FPA Philadelphia Tri-State Area Chapter
As the education/programming chair for the FPA Philadelphia Tri-State (fpaphilly.org) chapter, I was seeking an insightful professional to speak at our 2016 fall symposium on the topic of how to grow a financial services practice by utilizing technology and innovative tactics and Mike Byrnes name came highly recommended. Moreover, when Mike presented at our fall symposium, I witnessed first hand that Mike had an innate ability to connect with our membership and he provided true value in regards to providing practical & implementable tactics for any financial services business model. Mike certainly was an exceptional speaker and I would recommend his speaking services for any symposium.

I saw Mike deliver at a recent conference. Impressive! Not just the high level of usability of his material, but how Mike made it ‘come alive’, ensuring the audience was connected and engaged. Well done — look forward to his next show.

Charles Schwab
Mike is a commendable speaking candidate for almost any RIA related event featuring topics on marketing, social networking, sales strategy, or organizational structure issues.

Natixis Global Asset Management
Mike’s an incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining speaker. He’s an expert on topics ranging from social media to branding to business development. Definitely someone advisors can benefit from seeing,

Beirne Wealth Consulting
I have had the privilege of hearing Mike speak on several occasions. He is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. Throughout the entire presentation he uses real-life examples and keeps the audience very engaged. As director of marketing at Beirne Wealth Consulting, Mike has given me countless ideas to implement here at the firm. He always has new and innovative ways for us to stay ahead of the competition. We have also utilized Mike to speak to our entire firm on marketing and public speaking. The improvements I have seen are nothing short of remarkable and it’s all thanks to Mike!

TD Ameritrade / Mink Hollow Advisors 
I first met Mike Byrnes of Byrnes Consulting nearly a decade ago, while in my position as a senior executive at TD Ameritrade Institutional. Over the years, I have observed Mike on a number of occasions and in numerous settings — as a consultant to financial advisors, industry speaker, and thought leader / strategist. I’ve referred him to numerous financial advisors and other clients, as well as have engaged him on projects at my own firm.

Over the years I have gotten to really know Mike on both a professional and personal level; across the board, three characteristics stand out:

1. Expertise. Mike’s command of digital and social strategies and extending to broader marketing strategies and advertising tactics is to be admired. In addition to his deep well of knowledge, he is able to quickly diagnose situations and construct the appropriate strategies for the operating environment and budget.

2. Passion. As a public speaker, he leaves audiences motivated and empowered to implement positive change. His talks are appropriately balanced with quick take-aways, practical suggestions, and peppered with real life case studies. His passion for the subject matter is highly evident and contagious.

3. Character. I’ve enjoyed collaborating with Mike as he is not only team player and knowledgeable resource, but an even better person. He truly cares about the client, is quick to puts their needs first, and approaches every assignment with equal amounts of gusto and devotion.

I would highly recommend learning what Mike can do to further your organization’s strategic and marketing priorities. He will create a lasting effect on your business, and leave you feeling empowered to take it to the next level.

SS&G Wealth Management
We hosted a value-added program for our clients and friends of the firm called Social Media 101. We asked Mike Byrnes to speak about social media best practices with a focus for business owners. Mike’s presentation was valuable to all of our clients no matter what their experience with social media was, and he provided clear takeaways easy for audience members to implement. His conversational style made big picture points understandable and he took the time to speak with individuals after the program. Prior to the program Mike met with individuals from our practice and gave recommendations to take our social media as well as marketing in general, to the next level. Mike Byrnes is a reliable resource for our clients as well as anyone in the financial industry. We highly recommend his consultation services as well as speaking for clients and professionals!

Having previously seen Mike speak at another National Conference, I was confident that he could provide value to our representatives. We booked him as a speaker for the 2014 Cantella National Conference and he did not disappoint. Mike is a personable expert that understands the action steps registered representatives need to take to help their business grow. He has the systems, the ideas, and skillset to implement change for the better.

Mike is an energetic and engaging speaker! He gave a presentation at our national conference titled “Wow Your Clients” that discussed how to turn clients into raving fans that become advocates to help your business grow. I would highly recommend him to speak at any event designed to motivate advisors to take action in growing their business.

Barron’s Top Advisors Summit
Thank you for the excellent content you brought to our 2012 Barron’s Top Financial Advisors Summit.

Social media is a topic much-discussed and all-too-frequently imperfectly understood. Your presentation brought “real world” insights into the use of social media for the advisors in the room. You delivered a richly informative yet lively discussion of the pros and cons of the various social media platforms available, then ably took the audience through a practical tutorial of what to do – and what not to do – when using social media.

Importantly, you adapted your message to the circumstances of the advisors in your two breakout sessions – meaning, many of them are senior professionals with slight hands-on knowledge about social media, and all of them must operate under regulatory scrutiny and compliance practices that limit their use of these media. Thus, the fact that your presentation was grounded in the realities of their world was especially valuable.

Again, thank you for doing two breakout sessions that generated avid interest among attendees and active Q&A at their close.

Mike stands out with authority in the field of social media in financial services. He has spoken at the LIMRA / LOMA social media conference for financial services. He demonstrates a professional and clear headed understanding of the benefits of social media and the work required to be see those benefits come to fruition. When you are looking for a social media speaker for an upcoming event, take some time to get to know Mike. You will not be disappointed.

LPL Financial
Mike Byrnes was our keynote speaker at an LPL Financial Lunch and Learn on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 and presented on the topic: “Wow your clients and grow your firm in the digital age.”

Mike is a fantastic speaker and shared very actionable ideas with the LPL crowd in his 60 minutes on stage. I work with a lot of speakers and hear a lot of content but I can say this is one of the hottest topics in the industry and Mike delivered with passion and knowledge.

The feedback after the event was outstanding with comments such as:

“Mike was GREAT. I’d love to hear him talk on other topics too!”
“He was very knowledgeable and easy to follow”
“I just wish he had more time!”

I would Recommend Mike for future industry events and look forward to our upcoming fall meeting in Connecticut.

Cetera Advisors LLC
Mike presented to our advisors a session on The Power of LinkedIn. His expertise was evident as he seamlessly tied together actionable steps using social media that comprehensibly tackled business planning, marketing strategies, business development, and client service with easy to understand and instantly applicable strategies and ideas.

Our clients are varied in their understanding and usage of social media. Mike was incredibly flexible to work with and took the time to not only understand our clients, but then built a presentation that spoke to each and every level of user. Our most proficient users found the presentation valuable and were excited by the quick and powerful ideas and strategies, and our most reluctant social media users commented on feeling the intimidation factor removed and were encouraged and motivated to begin implementing social media in their practices.

Financial Services Institute, Inc.
At the FSI OneVoice 2013 conference, Mike Byrnes delivered a breakout session presentation entitled, “Social Media – A Communications Revolution.”

On the post-conference evaluation forms, 97% of attendees agreed that they “obtained information and ideas that will be useful,” and that Mike kept them engaged and interested.

One attendee commented that Mike was “a very charming and approachable speaker,” while others offered similar compliments. I have no hesitation in recommending Mike as a speaker to other organizations.

Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts
A quick note to say THANK YOU for the excellent Media Training that you helped the FPA of Massachusetts put together.

As PR Director for the Chapter, I am thrilled to report that the feedback from the event has been better than I ever could have hoped. The event was by far the best attended media training we have done and the best reviewed event of the year.

Because of your media training, our participation in PR related activities is up and the excitement at the FPA of MA, especially on the PR front, is the best I have ever seen. For example, our Media Response Team has significantly grown as a result of the event and we now have new members engaged which is exactly what we had hoped for.

I would like to also personally thank you. By sitting through your presentations, I now have a much better understanding of how to advise our members on the best PR and social media strategies to help them raise their media profile.

Thanks to Byrnes Consulting, we all will be seeing, hearing and reading much more from the FPA of MA and our members!

Financial Planning Association – National Capital Area Chapter
On Thursday, November 15 Mike Byrnes spoke at our semi-annual Professional Development meeting and discussed with our attendee’s about the top 13 things to do in 2013 to help advisors maintain and grow their business. Mike was very well received by all of our attendee’s who completed our meeting survey and feedback from our survey indicated that our member’s found Mike’s ideas useful and easily applied towards their businesses.

It was clear from Mike’s discussion that he is well versed in working with advisors and helping them overcome the challenges which face advisors, specifically that of finding clients who want to pay us to be their advisor. Financial planning is relatively straight forward for those who make a career of financial planning but finding people who want to pay us to provide them with our services is one of the biggest challenges advisors face throughout their career.

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)
I highly recommend Mike Byrnes as a speaker. Mike presented “An underdeveloped revenue stream… strategic alliances” on September 19th 2012 to NAPFA Genesis, a subgroup of NAPFA dedicated to providing support for fee-­‐only financial planners and students 33 and under. As a NAPFA Genesis board member and Events Coordinator, it is my job to find quality speakers that give young financial planners the knowledge they need to succeed in their budding careers. I couldn’t be happier with Mike’s presentation. We have had many high profile speakers, however I believe Mike’s presentation was the best webinar we have hosted. In fact, one NAPFA Genesis member e-­‐mailed me to say “Mike Byrnes was by far the best presenter we’ve had.”

Mike was masterful at taking the theoretical concepts of form strategic alliances and turning them into understandable bits of information. I believe we all walked away from the webinar with an understanding of the importance of strategic alliances, and the process to form them.

First Affirmative Financial Network
We partnered with Mike to present a marketing session to a group of Financial Advisors. Mike was knowledgeable, friendly and presented tangible concepts to the advisors that they could immediately apply to their business. We would definitely work with Mike again.

Citizens Bank, New England Cable Network and Executive Service Corps of New England
“Mike delivered his presentation — “Social Media is Changing the Way the Game is Played” — in June 2012 to both ESC consultants and an audience of Citizens’ Champions in Action…a truly remarkable and high-achieving group of nonprofit organizations in Massachusetts. We so deeply appreciate and value his interest in contributing to the professional development of nonprofit leaders.

One of the attending Champions in Action wrote to let us know: “This was the best marketing seminar I have attended in a very long time. Great mix of facts, tips, and humor!” Another commented that the workshop offered “a solid handful of easily implementable actions.” It’s a wonderful privilege to have Mike share his knowledge on this topic!”

Financial Planning Association (FPA) Business Solutions
After having the pleasure of hearing Mike Byrnes speak to financial professionals and business owners at several industry events, I can say with confidence that his services are worth the investment of your time and resources. In the financial industry, we are inundated with speakers who tell listeners just one or two things we can implement, with more emphasis on the results rather than the process to get there. Mike does an excellent job of setting the bar high by not only outlining and detailing the “what” but also the “why” and “how.”

The rich content of Mike’s presentations allows the participant to be led and educated, whether they participate in short sessions or daylong workshops. Finally, what is key about Mike’s topics is they are not presented in the form of a tactic but as a portion of an overall business strategy. Many successful business owners attribute their growth to having a plan. Mike can tell you the strategy you can implement and measure within your plan. And that is the key between just hearing a speaker tell you what to implement versus one that can help shape your practice.

Mike is a dynamic and extremely relevant speaker. His knowledge of social media and its use within financial services is on-point and provides useful information that can be put to use by advisors and their support network. I highly recommend Mike as a speaker for your next meeting.

Mike recently presented two webinars, “Combine PR and Social Media to Maximize Exposure,” to our advisors, which were well-received by the attendees and resulted in nothing but positive post-webinar survey results.

Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA)
Mike Byrnes is a terrific speaker! He spoke as a general session speaker at IMCA 2011 Winter Conference in Vail, CO. Some comments from our attendees were: “very helpful presentation, many good ideas and great emphasis on the basics for success”.

Mr. Byrnes presented “12 Keys to Success in 2012” and some of the topics discussed were how to define your client referral strategy, branding your firm and leveraging social media. Mr. Byrnes was a highly ranked speaker, he is a joy to work with and I would recommend him to speak for other organizations.

Innovation and Growth Forum
Mike Byrnes presented to the Members of the Innovation and Growth Forum on social media’s future role in financial services.

His insights regarding the current trends affecting the industry and the operational hurdles that companies face in trying to adopt and implement social media strategies were very well received by the audience. Not only did he articulate the positive effects social media can have on a firm’s ability to generate brand awareness, customer interaction and cost savings; he was able to explain the way the social media landscape will operate in the future.

The Innovation and Growth Forum, a member-based “think tank” of financial services marketers, strategists and business leaders, was created in the summer of 2009 by Financial Advisor Magazine and Spectrem Group, to assist members in developing strategies to more effectively respond to and advance in a post-Economic Crisis environment. The mission has evolved into a Forum to identify and discuss emerging industry trends, competitive strategies, and related successes and failures.

After having Mike present for us, we would strongly recommend him if you are looking for true industry leadership on the topic to social media marketing.

RIA Central
Mike is a true guru on social media marketing for financial advisors. His insights into the growing field of utilizing social media for practice development are sure to help any advisor willing to put the work in to grow their practice to new and exciting heights.

Boston College
Mike’s presentation on social media was engaging, stimulating and spot-on. Those who attended Mike’s session at Boston College (“Leveraging Social Media for Success”) received an informative, up-to-date overview of the pervasiveness and potential of social media. For those new to social media, it gave them a strong understanding for the need and value in creating a social media marketing plan. Mike was gracious and knowledgeable in answering questions throughout the program.

TD Ameritrade Institutional LINC National Conference
Contact information available upon request

Curtis Financial Planning (attendee/client)
Go to one of Mike’s presentations and your head will be spinning with ideas about how to grow your business. Mike has a deep knowledge and hands-on experience utilizing the right mix of PR, social media, websites, sales, events, advertising, direct mail, emails, and marketing collateral to reach your target client. I have hired Mike for one-on-one consulting as well and he provided invaluable ideas to improve my marketing efforts. Highly recommend.

Heritage Financial Services, LLC (attendee/client)
Mike is a very talented speaker full of practical ideas that advisors can implement into their practice and gain results.

SS&G Wealth Management (attendee/client)
Mike’s programs provide outstanding value and ideas that the audience can implement immediately. He is insightful and thorough in his knowledge, and is an excellent teacher. Every time I hear him speak, I walk away with practical ideas that I’m able to use right away in my practice.

The 401k Study Group (co-panelist)
I had the opportunity to speak with Mike at a Pershing event. His pre-event prep was excellent and helpful to the other members on the panel. His content was timely and actionable. His presentation style was professionally humorous and he covered his topic with precision.

Belpointe (attendee)
I’m a big fan of Mike’s! He knows best practices in social media, marketing, and communications for advisors like me. He’s dedicated his business to supporting advisors, so he’s an expert who speaks my language. With his knowledge, high-energy, and uncluttered visuals, he’s also an engaging presenter. Importantly, Mike is thoughtful and generous with his recommendations. When he speaks, I do more than listen. I put his thoughts into action. Follow him on social media, check out his site, catch him if he’s speaking, and learn from him.

Connecticut Wealth Management, LLC (attendee)
I have seen Mike speak 3 times and will go to see him the next time, and every time, he is around! His presentation is interactive and very informative. Each time i see him I learn something new.

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