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Parsippany, NJ

■    Mike was wonderful to work with. He gave great recommendations & helpful marketing and social media tips. I worked with him for many years & highly recommend him.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

■     My firm started less than 6 months ago struggling though a major transition after a merger with another firm. It was apparent that we needed help with this transition. Mike brought a structure that not only met my needs but exceeded them. After 6 months we have fixed and improved multiple issues and are postured for greater success in the future. Kudos to Mike for his work and dedication to help facilitate our company’s needs.

Plymouth Meeting, PA

■     Mike has a great feel for what it takes to make business professionals more successful. He has a unique way of simplifying processes that give a professional a greater likelihood of taking action. I would recommend Mike’s services to anyone who is looking to take the next step in their business.

Plymouth, MA

■     Mike has a wealth of ideas and opportunities to improve and expand financial services. He is great to work with and really has a keen eye for what is cutting edge in the areas of marketing and public relations.

Evansville, IN

■     Mike has provided valuable services to our firm, particularly in the area of facilitating client focus groups and reporting back on results. We regard Mike as a true industry expert, and also just a great guy to work with.

Oakland, CA

■     Go to one of Mike’s presentations and your head will be spinning with ideas about how to grow your business. Mike has a deep knowledge and hands-on experience utilizing the right mix of PR, social media, websites, sales, events, advertising, direct mail, emails, and marketing collateral to reach your target client. I have hired Mike for one-on-one consulting as well and he provided invaluable ideas to improve my marketing efforts. Highly recommend

Castelton, NY

■     Thank you for all your valuable input over the past year.  Deb Jess and I will always be grateful for all the time, effort and insight you provided.  We found that by the end of the process, we were much more aware of who we are as a firm, where we are, where we want to go, and how to get there.

The marketing calendar template you provided was invaluable to us as we sought to focus our marketing resources and efforts.  As a result, we realized our time, effort and dollars would be better spent if we reduce the number of larger events we held and focused more of our efforts on intimate and customized events for particular clients, groups of clients, and potential clients and partners.  We’ve discussed this change with our investment partners and the response was unanimously positive.

We are also making much better use of our website and social media as vehicles to convey to clients, potential clients and the public who we are and what we can do while at the same time personalizing ourselves to the public.  With your help, we’ve developed a plan to produce and distribute a lot more original content (print and video) through our website and social media that we hope will help drive new business our way.

The new Tiered Service Matrix you helped us develop will go a long way towards ensuring the compensation we receive, and the fee our clients pay, will be fair for the services provided while at the same time conveying the value of what we do.

As I look back at where we were, it is hard to believe we made so many significant changes in such a short period of time, changes we are confident will help us transform our firm for the better as we compete in a competitive and rapidly changing industry.  We will always be grateful and we wish you continued success.

From Dedham, MA

■     I am pleased to serve a reference for Byrnes Consulting.  Another advisor who had worked with Mike 7 years ago and thought he was great suggested I give him a call.  We started working with Byrnes Consulting in 2015 and have been quite pleased both with his work and responsiveness.

In the beginning, Mike took time to get to know us so he could provide personalized advice.  Since then he has supported us in several ways.  In particular, Mike has helped us gain positive publicity, which was our main goal in hiring Byrnes Consulting.  He helped position HMS Financial and myself as a go-to media resource, pitched creative ‘newsworthy’ ideas to his vast number of media contacts and helped us attain great exposure.

I was impressed with Mike’s ability to read the book I co-authored and take out valuable points that the press would gravitate to.  He has also been a tremendous resource for me during a time when my family had some health issues, in which he stepped in and has ghost written several articles.

Mike has also worked with our outside website resource to help create a landing page for all our media hits and is now working with us to maximize the benefits of all the press coverage we have received.

When it comes to business and marketing strategy, Byrnes Consulting is a great firm to work with!

From Milford, CT

■     I have had the privilege of hearing Mike speak on several occasions. He is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. Throughout the entire presentation he uses real-life examples and keeps the audience very engaged.

As director of marketing at Beirne Wealth Consulting, Mike has given me countless ideas to implement here at the firm. He always has new and innovative ways for us to stay ahead of the competition. We have also utilized Mike to speak to our entire firm on marketing and public speaking. The improvements I have seen are nothing short of remarkable and it’s all thanks to Mike!

From New York, NY

■     “I first met Mike Byrnes of Byrnes Consulting nearly a decade ago, while in my position as a senior executive at TD Ameritrade Institutional. Over the years, I have observed Mike on a number of occasions and in numerous settings — as a consultant to financial advisors, industry speaker, and thought leader / strategist. I’ve referred him to numerous financial advisors and other clients, as well as have engaged him on projects at my own firm.

Over the years I have gotten to really know Mike on both a professional and personal level; across the board, three characteristics stand out:

1. Expertise. Mike’s command of digital and social strategies and extending to broader marketing strategies and advertising tactics is to be admired. In addition to his deep well of knowledge, he is able to quickly diagnose situations and construct the appropriate strategies for the operating environment and budget.

2. Passion. As a public speaker, he leaves audiences motivated and empowered to implement positive change. His talks are appropriately balanced with quick take-aways, practical suggestions, and peppered with real life case studies. His passion for the subject matter is highly evident and contagious.

3. Character. I’ve enjoyed collaborating with Mike as he is not only team player and knowledgeable resource, but an even better person. He truly cares about the client, is quick to puts their needs first, and approaches every assignment with equal amounts of gusto and devotion.

I would highly recommend learning what Mike can do to further your organization’s strategic and marketing priorities. He will create a lasting effect on your business, and leave you feeling empowered to take it to the next level.”

From Potomac, MD

■     “I highly recommend Mike Byrnes. He has a wealth of useful information and provides it in a professional, and personable, manner. Mike focuses his advice on your needs. He’s also very easy to work with.”

From Newton, MA

■   ” I am writing to recommend Mike Byrnes, President of Byrnes Consulting.

Starting in early 2014, Mike began helping us formulate a business plan, determine where to focus our efforts to grow our business and think through many strategy-related items.

Based on client research Byrnes Consulting facilitated, we chose to rebrand our company.  We changed our name, updated our website and improved our use of digital marketing, including our website, email and social media.

We’re now working to increase our exposure by getting more publicity and speaking engagements.

From topics such as staffing and succession planning to services and pricing, Mike’s helpful insights and well-rounded expertise have been invaluable.

It has been a pleasure to work with Mike Byrnes.  It feels like he is an extension of our team and truly cares about our future success.”

From Westwood, MA

■      “Mike has been a tremendous resource for both me and my firm. His knowledge of social media and the investment industry are well worth exploring for anyone looking to increase their outreach or learn how to create a social media presence.”

From Danvers, MA

■       “I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Byrnes Consulting, LLC to help with business planning, marketing strategy and business development.

Over the last year, Mike Byrnes worked to help us have a better focus and implement new best practices. We have never had an organized approach to marketing. We decided to get serious about bringing new clients on board. We spoke with several marketing consulting groups in the financial planning industry. Mike was right on target with his analysis of what we wanted to accomplish.

He first helped us identify our brand strengths, by providing analysis from interviewing our staff and researching our clients in a focus group and electronic survey. Mike kept us accountable, exactly like a good coach should.

He then helped us review our current marketing and sales activities and gave us a tremendous amount of advice to shape a clearly defined plan for our top market segments, which included client and strategic referral programs, PR, social media, events and more.

We now have a complete plan of action with methods to track our responsibilities and results. Mike is clearly a leader in the area of online marketing and his expertise never fails to amaze me.

Through working with Byrnes Consulting as an extended part of our team, we now have an even better foundation to increase our success. Mike was encouraging and easy to work with and we will definitely be using his consulting services in the future.

If you are a firm looking to grow your business, Byrnes Consulting is the right organization to hire!”

From Upper Marlboro, MD

■       “The information you shared [on ‘Leveraging Philanthropy’] was invaluable and was one of the best presentations I attended at the [FPA Business Solutions] conference.”

From San Antonio, TX

■       “Thank you again for educating, guiding, and ultimately holding us accountable for our actions. Our success in 2009 and continued success going forward is due, in large part, to your assistance.”

From Severn, MD

■       “Thank you so much for the guidance you provided me in developing my business plan… The fact finding session helped me stay focused on what was important and as a result I could write a business plan that really works…  Thank you for your guidance in designing a marketing plan.  It is still a work in progress, but I am already seeing the fruits of our labor.  Your expertise in the area of strategic planning resulted in the written plan documents, but your friendship and encouragement means much more.”

From Orlando, FL

■       “I just wanted to take the opportunity to convey to you my thanks and appreciation for the work that you did with me and my firm in helping me to think through and ultimately create a marketing plan.  Your personable manner, preparation, and creative thinking made working together a great experience.  Being a small business that struggles to keep all the balls in the air, it was helpful to have your guidance in thinking through my target market, as well has how to go about reaching them most efficiently in all the context of my business’ personality.”

From Fairbury, IL

■       “It was certainly of benefit to me and my practice to work with you recently…  I  also appreciate your guidance and insight in the development of my business plan and marketing plan…  I was able to get away from the day-to-day office ‘stuff’ to work on the business.  This has proven to be greatly beneficial to me and the business.”

From Forked River, NJ

■       “Mike was an extreme asset in helping me with big projects by breaking them down into smaller tasks, prioritizing initiatives, and creating the marketing messaging to existing and new clients.  He was invaluable.”

From Peabody, MA

■       “We found that both day-to-day client needs and market volatility were distracting us from managing our own business.  That’s why hiring Byrnes Consulting was so valuable.  I believe you will find Mike’s services as a powerful investment in your own business, which will more than pay-off for itself in the first year and then compound your success in years to follow.”

From Memphis, TN

■       “I just wanted to let you know how valuable your guidance was, and continues to be, regarding the ongoing growth of my business.  We are continuing to refine and implement the marketing plan that you helped us develop.  This plan helps us control the things that we have control over:  our level of activity, and how we chose to spend our time.  We are seeing results currently, and have confidence that this plan will help us to consistently achieve the results that we are after.” 

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