Desperately seeking digital marketing

Has your online marketing strategy advanced?

It is no longer a matter of just having a nice website or LinkedIn page.

Read the Independent Advisor article “Desperately seeking digital marketing,” printed by TD Ameritrade that extensively quotes Mike Byrnes, President of Byrnes Consulting.

Get digital marketing advice on the following topics:

  • Prospects do extensive online research
  • Prospects make online decisions.
  • Websites should be tailored to voice-activated searches.
  • Websites should answer questions prospects are asking Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and others.
  • Website should be optimized for long-tail voice searches.
  • Advisors should look to produce videos that demonstrate their expertise.
  • It helps to have a niche to create targeted online content.
  • Videos length should align with the attention span of the target audience.
  • A YouTube channel and a carousel of videos on a website can increase exposure. You can even buy views on YouTube in order to increase your following and help with your marketing.
  • Leads can come from creating in-depth educational content in the form of a freemium.
  • A personalized, introductory video message can make a great first impression and it can be tracked (using
  • Tools like Google Analytics  can track which tactics garner the most views and responses.
  • Increased exposure should come from other sources, such as financial publications that have a much larger reach.
  • A byline creates more credibility.

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