Pointers for Better Sales in Any Industry

Most businesses want to grow their sales, but many need help in this area.

Mike Byrnes, President of Byrnes Consulting, LLC, attended the annual INBOUND conference that focuses on pull, not push, marketing.   [The picture is of One Republic’s private concert at INBOUND13.]

Read Mike’s The Trust Advisor article to learn more than ten pointers from two best-selling authors on the topics of:

  1. Selling to big companies and busy corporate executives
  2. Being aware of humans’ capacity to handle multiple things
  3. Using the words of the customers
  4. Getting to the point
  5. Not thinking of yourself as a sales person
  6. Creating predictable sales revenue
  7. Avoiding adding hours in the work week to do things that do not work
  8. Categorizing leads
  9. Prioritizing sales activities
  10. Using a mix of sales development, customer service and account management people in the sales process

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