Realizations about social media to stay with the program

LIMRA and LOMA’s conference held in Boston was labeled “Getting to the next level,” and when it comes to social media, that is what the conference helped deliver.

Mike Byrnes, President of Byrnes Consulting, covered the conference for Financial Advisor and wrote these two articles:

Read the article called “Five realizations about social media” to learn about:

  1. Location-based check ins
  2. Social media’s viral effect
  3. Linking in
  4. How marketing is changing
  5. A new media landscape

Read the other article called “Get with the social media program” to learn if compliance can keep up with social media. Here are five points of confusion within the industry that surfaced:

  1. Constant compliance changes
  2. New social networks
  3. Disclosure placement
  4. Static-interactive combinations
  5. Facebook outside of

One thing is clear… Banning social media outright is no longer an option.

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