What lies ahead and how to plan for it

Want to know…

  • how our marketplace is going to become untethered?
  • what is holding our civilization back?
  • how individuality will change what we buy?
  • how population changes will impact us?
  • which way the labor force will morph?
  • how to plan for the future?
  • what can be learned from Hurricane Katrina planning mistakes?
  • why we are going to be facing a future that is like the industrial revolution on steroids?
  • where to focus planning efforts?
  • how to prepare for unprecedented change?

Read two Finacial Advisor articles written by Mike Byrnes, President of Byrnes Consulting, to learn what attendees at the FPA Retreat learned:

FPA Attendees Hear Futurist – an article covering a presentation by Thomas Frey, Executive Director and Senior futurist at the DaVinci Institute.

Planners Need To Plan Better – an article covering a presentation by Dennis Stearns, President of Stearns Financial Service Group.

Also, read another article from the FPA Retreat about advice from an advisor panel that uses social media.

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