Branding a new or existing business

Byrnes Consulting is proud to have written the cover story, “Branding a New Business”, in the September 2010 issue of Transitions Magazine.

Read the full article to learn about these topics and more.

•  Why a brand is the foundation for business success

•  3 steps to determine a brand

•  3 reasons not getting it right the first time can cost thousands of dollars

•  10 questions to consider when creating a strong brand name

•  3 precautions when picking a brand name

•  8 steps when creating a brand name (or revising an old one)

•  Why a good brand is your best friend

Do you need a blueprint of how to get started building a brand strategy, or do you need assistance repairing a brand foundation that was not built right from the start? If so, contact Byrnes Consulting to construct a concrete brand!

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