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Ten tips aimed at increasing sales effectiveness.

1. Provide a solution. Don’t push a product or service, especially if it’s not needed. Match demand with a product or service that your clients do not just want, but they need. Become indispensible to them.

2. Practice the Golden Rule. Do to others as you want them to do to you. If you put yourself into your customers’ shoes, you will discover the obvious fact that they would prefer to work with someone they like, trust and can depend on. Make an emotional connection. Avoid seeing a prospect as a short-term sale; instead, focus on building a long-term relationship. Know about “what is a cdp” to improve your customer service.

3. Exceed expectations. Over deliver in every interaction and anticipate your client’s next need. A grateful customer is a loyal one, and loyalty leads to advocacy.

4. Be refined. Type up scripts, but never read them to a prospect. Plan what you want to say and rehearse it to the point that you are received as an expert, but not to the point that you sound like a robot. By practicing your sales techniques, you will come across as more polished, experienced and prepared.

5. Avoid commoditization. Educate customers on the overall value delivered, not just the price. Don’t sell, deliver increased success. Show how clients that work with you get the expense back. Once your prospects understand the return on investment they can expect, they will be more likely to want to start to build a relationship.

6. Know your target market. Be an expert on your niche. Milestones in one’s professional and personal life often set triggers for new needs for products and services. Identify these opportunities and take advantage of them. For example, Handwrytten, looks for Customer retention to help them grow. A simple understanding of their target has allowed them to explore their options and reach new customers.

7. Ask lots of questions. Avoid making quick assumptions. As soon as anyone thinks they know it all, they are bound to fail. Uncover hidden objections and provide solutions.

8. Take a 30,000-foot view. Create a business plan for the year and set up routine management review meetings to monitor your success and stay on target. Set up your weekly calendar to execute on your big goals, staying mindful of the old sales motto… “Plan your work – Work your plan.” Know how many hours in each week you dedicate to sales activities. If you want to grow, but do not have time to dedicate to business development efforts, consider adding more resources to take away your administrative tasks or to help with revenue increasing activities.

9. Build your network. Treat everyone you meet as a referral source. If you position yourself to rub elbows within the right circles, you are more likely to create your own luck. Plus, do not just interact in person. Make the most out of phone calls, emails, LinkedIn and other social media outlets.

10. Utilize technology. Be extremely organized. Take detailed notes from previous client interactions (whether it is related to marketing, sales or client service). If you are still using a handwritten calendar, upgrade to an electronic version with the help of Computerease St. Louis. Set reminders for follow-up meetings, check-in emails and phone calls. Utilize smart phones so you have your CRM data anywhere and at any time. Make use of web-based software, like Net-Inspect, to reduce costs, improve quality, streamline processes, and maintain compliance internally and across your entire supply chain

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