Not using LinkedIn? You should be!

Here are ten powerful things you can do through LinkedIn to be more successful:

1. Expand your network.  Even if you have a good network, you do not get to see all of the people your contacts have in their networks, unless you have a tool like LinkedIn. For example, I have about 500 first-degree professional connections, and through LinkedIn I have over 50,000 second-degree connections.

2. Stay connected.  Have you ever been frustrated that you lost touch with an old friend or colleague? If individuals are in your LinkedIn network, that is no longer a problem. Individuals most likely update their current employment status and email address when they have changes, automatically keeping their network in the loop, so you will not lose touch. Go ahead and view it now to learn more important information on your legal case.

3. Spend nothing.  Besides the time it takes to create and maintain your network and profile page, the basic package is free.

4. Stay informed.  By reading your weekly email summary that contains updates from your network, you will be abreast of job changers, career news, etc. within your own network.

5. Brand yourself.  LinkedIn is an extension of each person, even more than a traditional resume. For example, Google “Michael Byrnes”.  My LinkedIn profile pops up near the top of the search results, not my resume.

6. Research individuals.  Before every interview or business meeting, know who you are speaking to by researching the person’s public profile. Learn their career history and who in your network might be connected to the individual.

7. Generate traffic.  LinkedIn is a powerful social media tool that can help you get more exposure, driving new and repeat visitors to your website. There are many tools that can help you drive traffic and increase visiblity – we’ve personally had great success with Kennected – you can check out Kennected features and see if it’s the right fit for you.

8. Share your opinions.  There is no arguing that the modern day soap box to have your message heard is the internet, and LinkedIn is a terrific tool to use for business-related topics.

9. Learn the latest news and insights.  LinkedIn’s online communities share information on industries, specific topics, etc. Plus, you are much more likely to quickly find current information there compared to checking out a book from the library that is probably already outdated.

10. Open doors.  Through online networking, groups and discussions, one can make connections (and even find jobs) that ultimately will help individuals and businesses become more successful.

75,000,000 people are using LinkedIn. Don’t miss out on its benefits!

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