What was your favorite Super Bowl ad?

Picture - Best Super Bowl Ad 2010If you were one of this year’s record-setting 106.5 million Super Bowl viewers, I am curious to read what you thought was the best TV commercial and why.

Bud Light won in my opinion

It has an amazing brand, yet it frequently reinvents itself without losing touch with its customers. The company once again had two of the top Super Bowl commercials: “Clothing Drive” (where co-workers traded in the shirts off their backs for charity and free beer) and “Stranded” (a twist on the TV show “Lost” where these plane crash victims wanted to stay on the island once they discovered beer.)

What can we learn from Bud Light’s success?

The company knows its target market and successfully advertises to the Super Bowl audience. What could be a better sub segment for a beer company than a country full of captivated football partiers? Bud Light could not draw up a better ideal client profile if it tried.

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