Business lessons from Tiger Woods’ press conference

Picture - Tiger Woods Press ConferenceBy now you have probably seen Tiger’s February 19, 2010 prepared address. What were your overall impressions and what public relations lessons can be learned?

From a business standpoint, Tiger Wood’s public address gets a “C-” in my book.

Here is what Tiger needed to do to get an “A”:

1. Get ahead of a disaster – Tiger waited too long to address the public

2. Be sincere – he read almost all of his long-winded statement, clearly drafted by a PR agency

3. Show emotion – he seemed like a politician giving an address rather than an apologetic sports figure (and husband)

The 70% Tiger did right:

1. Apologize for mistakes – Tiger did publicly say he was sorry and asked for forgiveness

2. Be honest – he seemed to be telling the truth

3. Deflect attention – he turned some of the attention on how his family is being treated by the paparazzi (although a bit too much)

4. Reiterate the good – he noted his charity work will continue

5. State a correction plan – he mentioned he is working to amend his mistakes

6. Control the message – he didn’t allow questions or interruptions

7. Communicate to all those impacted – Tiger got amazing media coverage

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