Every organization should define its core values

coreFind the proper advice on defining an organization’s core values through it’s employees. If you want to make sure that your new employees are ready for the job, then consider doing a work personality test for everyone.

  • They are the foundation for the mission.
  • They should help a business reach its strategic goals.
  • They should be stated for the long term.
  • These values can be differentiators for your business.
  • They shouldn’t just be thoughts.  The values should be put into practice each day.  If the values are not the backbone of the organization, they should be revised.
  • If the values are communicated from the top down, they can help define the company’s culture.
  • They can be barometers of how employees are compensated.
  • The business plan should include management support and reinforcement of the core values on a routine basis.

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